Evolution and Genetics for Psychology

Evolution and Genetics for Psychology

Oxford University Press

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Evolution and Genetics for Psychology. Evolutionary theory is driving forward our understanding of human behaviour like never before. Yet, many of us lack a firm grasp of the basics of the theory of evolution - a clear picture of what evolution is, and how and why it operates. But such clarity is essential if we are to fully understand and explore the fascinating behavioural questions that lie before us. Evolution and Genetics for Psychology lays out the conceptual toolkit one needs in order to think in evolutionary terms - and to apply this thinking to any subject. With the toolkit firmly in place, it goes on to show how these key concepts are applied to issues of human behaviour, from sex to social relationships, to learning. Evolution and Genetics for Psychology does not set out to teach evolutionary psychology or behavioural genetics, but explores the key fundamental principles on which such disciplines are based. If you need to understand what heritability really means, what the difference is between a gene and an allele, or whether evolutionary and social explanations are compatible, this book is the survival guide you need.Online Resource Centre The Online Resource Centre to accompany Evolution and Genetics for Psychology features For registered adopters of the text: Figures from the book in electronic form, ready to download A test bank of questions, with feedback linked to the book, for both formative and summative assessment For students: Topical updates: the latest on key topics covered in the book Answers to end of chapter questions

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