European Union Politics

European Union Politics

Oxford University Press

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European Union Politics. An authoritative text that covers both EU theories and the EU institutions, alongside material on the key policies, issues and debate. This text is an invaluable resource that provides students with a solid foundation in the subject. In the third edition Michelle Cini has added to the team of international specialists. Divided into five parts: The historical context; Theories and conceptual approaches; Institutions and actors; Policy and policy-making in the EU; Issues and debates, the book provides comprehensive coverage of a demanding subject area. The new edition includes two new chapters on Environmental Policy and Policy-Making in the EU. The online resource centre has been updated and additional material added. Student resources: Interactive maps of Europe Interactive timeline of key events in the history of the EU Multiple choice questions Biographies of important figures in EU history Exam revision guidance Flashcard glossary Quarterly updates Links to OUP journal articles Lecturer resources: PowerPoint slides Essay, seminar, and quiz questions Boxes and figures from the textbook

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