European Union Politics

European Union Politics

Oxford University Press

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European Union Politics. With its established authority and reputation, the new edition is an invaluable resource. Michelle Cini has brought together a team of international contributors, each specialising in a different field of EU politics. The book is divided into five parts and deals with the history of the European integration process, theories of European integration, the European institutions, a select number of European policy areas, and issues of relevance to the study of EU politics. The second edition has been updated throughout to reflect recent developments, and there are four new chapters on the constitutional treaty, CFSP and ESDP, the single market, and public opinion. This books is supported by a cutting-edge Online Resource Centre. Student resources: Interactive timeline (BRAND NEW HE ONLINE RESOURCE) Interactive map of Europe with facts, key dates and web links for all the EU countries (BRAND NEW HE ONLINE RESOURCE) Maps Case studies Web links Information on key articles and books Flashcard glossary Multiple Choice Questions Lecturer resources: PowerPoint slides

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