Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization

Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization

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Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization. "Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization" is the essential resource for anyone embarking on a research project in their own organization or as part of a work placement programme whether in business, healthcare, government, education, social work or third sector organizations. The authors provide an easy-to-follow, hands-on guide to every aspect of conducting an action research project and have added in the Third Edition: more on politics and ethics to help researchers negotiate gaining access and permission, and building and maintaining support from peers and relevant subsystems within an organization; more on writing an action research dissertation, and treatment of sensitive issues such as: giving feedback to one's superiors and peers, disseminating the research to the wider community, and handling interpretations or outcomes which may be perceived negatively by the organization involved; and, more case examples and reflective exercises taken from a wide variety of organizational settings to aid students and researchers whatever their background discipline.

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