Direct and Interactive Marketing

Direct and Interactive Marketing

Oxford University Press

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Direct and Interactive Marketing. This textbook offers a comprehensive review of the principles of direct, database, and interactive marketing. The book begins with an introduction to the discipline and goes on to explore each of the major subject areas that would be of relevance in the construction of a direct marketing plan: Testing and Research Analytical Techniques Customer Acquisition Understanding Buying Building a Customer Database Customer Loyalty Communications Strategy Communications Briefing Direct Marketing Agencies Budgeting Media Planning Electronic Channels Print, Production, and Fulfilment The Future of Direct Marketing The text offers a rich blend of theory and examples from professional practice. These examples are drawn from some of the most successful direct marketing undertaken on both sides of the Atlantic. The book includes a series of longer case studies, designed to form the basis of classwork and discussion at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Each case is written with a decision focus and designed to allow students to draw on course material to allow them to analyse the available data and generate a range of alternative solutions.The book also includes the most up-to-date review of web marketing currently available in textbook form and a consideration of new media such as interactive and digital television.

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