Digital Media Revisited: Theoretical And Conceptual Innovations In Digital Do…

Digital Media Revisited

MIT Press

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Digital Media Revisited: Theoretical And Conceptual Innovations In Digital Do…. Interdisciplinary essays on the relationship between practice and theory in new media.Arguing that "first encounters" have already applied traditional theoretical and conceptual frameworks to digital media, the contributors to this book call for "second encounters," or a revisiting. Digital media are not only objects of analysis but also instruments for the development of innovative perspectives on both media and culture. Drawing on insights from literary theory, semiotics, philosophy, aesthetics, ethics, media studies, sociology, and education, the contributors construct new positions from which to observe digital media in fresh and meaningful ways. Throughout they explore to what extent interpretation of and experimentation with digital media can inform theory. It also asks how our understanding of digital media can contribute to our understanding of social and cultural change.The book is organized in four sections: Education and Interdisciplinarity, Design and Aesthetics, Rhetoric and Interpretation, and Social Theory and Ethics. The topics include the effects on reading of the multimodal and multisensory aspects of the digital environment, the impact of practice on the medium of theory, how digital media are dissolving the boundaries between leisure and work, and the impact of cyberspace on established ethical principles.

Forfattere: Terje (EDT) Rasmussen, Andrew (EDT) Morrison, Gunnar (EDT) Liestol Utgave: ukjent
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Forlag: MIT Press Innbinding: Heftet
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