World Mental Health

Oxford University Press

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WORLD MENTAL HEALTH C. This book describes the burden of mental, behavioural, and social health problems in low-income countries, illuminates the reasons for the substantial morbidity rates, assesses current efforts to cope with these conditions, and points to ways to alleviate and, where feasible, prevent them. It provides a framework for international policy-makers to develop a concrete agenda for action and for further research on mental and social health.

Forfattere: Robert (EDT) Desjarlais, Byron (EDT) Good, Leon (EDT) Eisenberg Utgave: ukjent
Språk: Engelsk Sidetall: 392
ISBN: 9780195113112 Vekt: 708 g
Forlag: Oxford University Press Innbinding: Heftet
Utgitt: 1996 Veil. pris: 0 kr

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