Creating and Transforming Households: The Constraints of the World-Economy

Creating and Transforming Households

Cambridge University Press

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Creating and Transforming Households: The Constraints of the World-Economy. This book, first published in 1992, seeks an explanation of the pattern of sharp discrepancy of wage levels across the world-economy for work of comparable productivity. It explores how far such differences can be explained by the different structures of households as 'income-pooling units', examining three key variables: location in the core or periphery of the world-economy; periods of expansion versus periods of contraction in the world-economy; and secular transformation over time. The authors argue that both the boundaries of households and their sources of income are molded by the changing patterns of the world-economy, but are also modes of defense against its pressures. Drawing empirical data from eight local regions in three different zones - the United States, Mexico and southern Africa - this book presents a systematic and original approach to the intimate link between the micro-structures of households and the structures of the capitalist world-economy at a global level.

Forfattere: Immanuel Maurice (EDT) Wallerstein, Joan (EDT) Smith, Kathie F. (EDT) Kasaba Utgave: ukjent
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