Computer Systems

Computer Systems


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Computer Systems. For Computer Systems, Computer Organization and Architecture courses in CS, EE, and ECE departments. Few students studying computer science or computer engineering will ever have the opportunity to build a computer system. On the other hand, most students will be required to use and program computers on a near daily basis. Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective introduces the important and enduring concepts that underlie computer systems by showing how these ideas affect the correctness, performance, and utility of application programs. The text's hands-on approach (including a comprehensive set of labs) helps students understand the "under-the-hood" operation of a modern computer system and prepares them for future courses in systems topics such as compilers, computer architecture, operating systems, and networking. Visit the CS:APP web page for more information and access to all student and instructor resources. Also check out the new CS:APP blog for interesting stories, updates on the book contents and extra material, and the authors' experiences in using this book in courses at CMU:

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