Britain & Europe: A Political History Since 1918

Britain & Europe

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Britain & Europe: A Political History Since 1918. This textbook provides a comprehensive account of Britain's uneasy relationship with continental Europe from 1918 to the present day. Unlike other books on the subject, the author considers 'Europe' in its broadest sense and examines a wider history than just Britain's relations with the European Union (EU). This includes pre-war history and the role of key political institutions outside the EU such as the Council of Europe and the Western European Union. Subjects covered include: * how the experience of the inter-war years and the Second World War helped shape attitudes towards the EU * european perspectives on Britain as well as the other way round * key theories on European integration * the changing nature of Britain's global role * issues of sovereignty and legitimacy * the role of political parties and the Europeanisation of national government * the rise of Euroscepticism in British politics and how 'Europe' has become entwined in the ideological battles of the main political parties.Exploring the political, diplomatic and military relationship between Britain and Europe, this accessible and wide-ranging textbook is essential core reading for students of British and European history and politics.

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