Basic Statistics for Psychologists

Basic Statistics for Psychologists

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Basic Statistics for Psychologists. The emphasis upon methods of statistical research in psychology is often overlooked by beginning undergraduate students and subsequently, many find difficulty in approaching this unexpected yet so often integral topic of any given psychology degree. Subsequently this clearly written and comprehensive textbook offers itself as a guide to those students looking for a clear introduction on how to use statistics in psychological research. Crucially, students will be equipped with the key methods of statistical inference and learn how to interpret the results of various statistical tests. Expect to learn how to summarise data using the frequency distribution, measures of central tendency, variability as well how to employ the t-test and non-parametric tests for various types of groups and samples. This core adoptable textbook covers all areas of undergraduate statistics, with good formulas and explanations for calculations and will aid students with the knowledge and tools necessary to developing their ability to conduct reliable and methodical research using statistics. This is an incredibly helpful and informative read for undergraduate students taking research methods and statistics courses in psychology.

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