American Culture: An Anthology

American Culture

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American Culture: An Anthology. This second edition of American Culture includes contemporary events and provides an introduction to American civilization. Extracts are taken from diverse sources such as political addresses, articles, interviews, oral histories and advertisements. Edited by academics who are highly experienced in the study and teaching of American Studies across a wide range of institutions, this book provides: * texts that introduce aspects of American society in a historical perspective * primary sources and images that can be used as the basis for illustration, analysis and discussion * linking text which stresses themes rather than offering a simple chronological survey. American Culture brings together primary texts from 1600 to the present day to present a comprehensive overview of, and introduction to, American culture.

Forfattere: Fredrik Chr (EDT) Brogger, Anders (EDT) Breidlid, Oyvind T. (EDT) Gulliksen Utgave: ukjent
Språk: Engelsk Sidetall: 434
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