Globalisation and the Future of Terrorism: Patterns and Predictions

Globalisation and the Future of Terrorism

Taylor & Francis

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Globalisation and the Future of Terrorism: Patterns and Predictions. Drawing upon new research and methods outside the traditional focus, and by taking both a theoretical approach and a new practical predictive perspective, Brynjar Lia delivers a fresh and fascinating contribution to terrorism studies. Globalisation and the Future of Terrorism shows us that while predicting terrorism is a highly speculative business, there are ways of identifying certain long-term causes, driving forces and their links with society. Terrorists are usually integral players in local and sometimes global politics. Hence, when the local, regional and international contexts change, so does terrorism. Thoroughly reviewing the body of literature on the causes of terrorism, this study also combines predictive and futuristic analyses on globalisation, supported by a range of key case studies. It spans from the transformation of international relations, the globalization of the market economy, demographic factors, ideological shifts and technological changes. The result is a set of key conclusions about the future patterns of terrorism, which are not simply best guesses, but also backed up by solid research.This book will be of great interest to all students and scholars of terrorism, globalization, politics and international relations.

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