Dialogues on Sexuality, Gender, and Psychoanalysis

Dialogues on Sexuality, Gender, and Psychoanalysis


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Dialogues on Sexuality, Gender, and Psychoanalysis.

'There are more questions than answers in this book - questions that are important and will continue to intrigue us. This book will be needed to remind us of the different opinions and to help us create tomorrow's theories. Human experience cannot be reduced to sexuality, but there is sexuality in everything human.'- From the Introduction A challenging exploration of contemporary theories on femininity with cutting-edge papers from leading analysts, this volume presents a thought-provoking dialogue on femininity, sexuality, gender and masculinity. These key issues are analysed and discussed in new and stimulating ways, whilst familiar concepts are dissected and dismantled to bring forward fresh ideas. The diversity and developments currently advancing studies on femininity towards new understandings are shown clearly throughout. This rich and inspiring collection of papers grew from the "Sexuality and Gender" conference held in Sweden in 2002, organised by the Committee on Women and Psychoanalysis. The conference was created with the conscious intent of bringing different ideas to bear upon each other in order to promote further research into this vital area.

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