Consumer Behaviour: A European Outlook

Consumer Behaviour


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Consumer Behaviour: A European Outlook. This new European perspective on Schiffman and Kanuk's classic Consumer Behaviour focuses not only on what consumers buy, but also why they buy, when they buy, where they buy, how they evaluate their purchase, and how they ultimately dispose of it. The text has been thoroughly adapted and revised to reflect European conditions, and shortened to focus attention on critical concepts in consumer behaviour. The authors discuss the effects of family, social class, culture and subculture on the decision-making process, and, by taking a psychological approach, illuminate the ways in which marketers apply the principles of consumer behaviour to the development and implementation of marketing strategies.

Forfattere: Havard Hansen, Leon G. Schiffman, Leslie Lazar Kanuk Utgave: ukjent
Språk: Engelsk Sidetall: 494
ISBN: 9780273704010 Vekt: 975 g
Forlag: Pearson Innbinding: Heftet
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