Chemistry for the biosciences: the essential concepts

Chemistry for the biosciences: the essential concepts

Oxford University Press

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Chemistry for the biosciences: the essential concepts. Chemistry pervades our life, giving shape and character to the world around us. It moulds our climate, fuels our transport, gives food its taste and smell. Most of all, chemistry powers life itself. Chemistry for the Biosciences leads students through the essential concepts that are central to understanding biological systems, using everyday examples and analogies to build their confidence in an often daunting subject. Placing an emphasis on clear, straightforward explanations, it fosters understanding as opposed to rote learning; by using relevant biological examples throughout, it illustrates just how integral chemistry is to the biosciences. With scientific research placing more emphasis on the interface of chemistry and biology than ever before, few can not argue that mastering some essential chemical concepts is central to fully understanding biology itself. Chemistry for the Biosciences is the ideal teaching and learning resource to ensure today's biology students grasp these concepts, and appreciate their importance throughout the subject.The Online Resource Centre to accompany Chemistry for the Biosciences 2/e features For registered adopters * Figures from the book in electronic format, ready to download * A testbank of over 200 questions to download and test your students For students * Full solutions to numerical self-check questions * A bank of online multiple-choice questions to check understanding and aid exam preparation

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