Basics Photography 03: Capturing Colour

Basics Photography 03


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Basics Photography 03: Capturing Colour. "Publication Basics Photography" is the new series of Basics academic titles from AVA Publishing. There are five books in the series: "Lighting", "Composition", "Process", "Colour" and "Black and White". Together, the titles form the fundamental elements of photography and provide the reader with a comprehensive reference tool. Aimed at photography students, design students and anyone with an interest in photography, this series will prove indispensable for anyone wanting to acquire a thorough knowledge of the subject. This book gives students a comprehensive introduction to the subject of colour and how to master its use in the image-making process. The topics discussed range from basic colour theory to the colour temperature of light and how to use colour to maximise the impact of your compositions. Learn how to successfully predict how film will react in different conditions, and how to use filters to deal with a variety of lighting situations. Find out how to tighten your compositions by minimising the colour palette and discover alternative approaches, such as false colour infrared.

Forfattere: Phil Malpas Utgave: ukjent
Språk: Engelsk Sidetall: 175
ISBN: 9782940373062 Vekt: 522 g
Forlag: Bloomsbury Innbinding: Heftet
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